C.I.B BALT FI EE LV LT CH LTW-10 LVW-11 FIW-13 EUVW-16 BENELUXVW-16 EuSigVW-16 FI LCCH Northgate's Forever N Ever "Enzo"

DoB: 23.4.2008
Breeder: Hanna & Kari Ukura, kennel Northgate's
Owner: Onnentuojan

Height: 60,5cm
Scissor bite, 1 extra P1 tooth

Eyes: clear (01/10 and 12/12)
Knees: 0/0
Hips: A/B
Elbows: 0/0

International Beauty Champion
Several group placements
Best Male Farkkushow 2012
BIS Mover Farkkushow 2010 & 2012
Several Best In Show veteran wins
Several Best In Show veteran placements

Lure Coursing:
Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
Top winning Lure Coursing PH 2014
European Coursing Champion II 2015
V-S kennel district's Champion 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014

280m best time 22,61s
480m best time 39,81s
V-S kennel district's Champion II 2012


Born: 13.5.2012 Jataburu Star litter
Born: 15.3.2013 Onnentuojan A-class litter

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Turku INT Show 20.10.2012 Tuom: Margaret Martin, Irlanti
Excellent dog. Really good breed type. Elegant, strong. Good head, eye, ears. Good neck & topline. Correct depth of chest. Good legs, feet. Strong pasterns. Correct lenght of body. Good tailset & -carriage. Moved very well in profile but a bit wide in front. Lovely dog. CHCL EXC 1 CQ BD-1 CACIB BOB

Erikoisnäyttely 3.6.2012 Tuom: Stephen Wheeler, Ruotsi
Elegant dog of good type. Very good balance. Very good head & expression. Excellent ears. Well arched & long neck. Good topline. Very well developed front. Well bodied. I would like to see little less angle in rear. Perfect bone for size. Good feet. Perfectly sound from all directions. Strong & powerful mover. Very stylish dog on the move. CHCL EXC 3 CQ BD-3

Farkkushow 2.6.2012 Tuom: Carin Lyrholm, Ruotsi
Classic male with very beautiful head. Strong correct ears, beautiful eyes. Elegant neck. Correct top- and underline. Excellent chest. Correct angulation, excellent bones, strong pasterns. Beautiful coat and color. Excellent movement all directions. WORKCL 1 HP BD-1 BOS BIS-mover

Tuusula All Breeds CAC Show 2.7.2011 Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, Finland
Elegant male. Excellent head and expression. Correctly carried large ears. Balanced angulations. Excellent body and topline. Moves vigorously with a long effortless stride. CHCL EXC 1 CQ BD-1 BOB BIG-2

PH speciality show 5.6.2011 Judge: Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden
An attractive masculine dog of good size and proportions. Well balanced masculine head. Breedtypical expression. Well carried and shaped ears. Elegant strong arched neck. A bit upright in shoulder. Excellent topline and underline. Good angles rear. Well carried tail. Breedtypical movement all sides. CHCL EXC 4 CQ

Turku INT Show 22.1.2011 Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, Denmark
Elegant, good size and length. Long parallel head. Excellent ears. Well carried elegant neck. Good topline, croup and tail. Well angulated front and rear. Good ribcage. Free mover. Nice coat and colour. CHCL EXC 3 CQ BD-3

Raisio All Breeds CAC Show 14.8.2010 Judge: Harry Vella, Malta
Nice masculine head with correct bite. Well set ears. Correct front. Good reach of neck. Correct topline. 62,5cm high. Moves and shows well. CHCL EXC 1 BD-1 BOB

Karjaa All Breeds CAC Show 11.7.2010 Judge: Kirsti Louhi, Finland
Vigorous, carries himself with dignity. Young male with good head. Correct bite. Well set and good ears. Beautiful neck & topline. Moves effortlessly. CHCL EXC 1 BD-1 BOB BIG-1

Mustiala Farkkushow 5.6.2010 Judge: Annica Lundqvist-Hemström, Sweden
Elegant male. Very good head. Very good expression, good ears. Elegant neck of U-shape. Good breastbone. A bit straight in front. Could have a more level topline. Very good underline. Would like a stronger rear. Very nice in coat and colour. Very easy on the move with a long strive. Nice white tip in tail. CHCL 3 HP BD-3 BIS-movements

Turku All Breeds CAC show 8.8.2009 Judge: Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg, Finland
Gorgeous male who glides forward. Very beautiful head. Excellent eyes. Good bite. Very good size -60cm. Excellent front. Good feet. Excellent rear. Good chest & back. Beautifully carried tail. Has the desired white tip in tail. Excellent! INMED EXC 1 BD-1 CAC BOB

Pöytyä CAC group show 18.7.2009 Judge: Tuula Savolainen, Finland
1,5 years, male with beautiful lines and good proportions. Beautiful head, nice ears. Good neck and topline. The upper arm could be slightly more angulated. Good rear. Still a little light in body. Good bone. Good feet. Front movement slightly loose. Good, effective step from the side. Good coat. Well presented. JUN EXC 1 BD-1 CAC BOB BIG-4

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