Fi Ch BaltJW-10 LvW-11 Babylonian Pearl El Negma "Helmi"

Born: 19.11.2009
Died: 4.7.2012, Dillating cardiomyopathy
Breeder: Adela Szabo, Czech Republic kennel El Negma
Owner: Onnentuojan

Height: 61cm
Eyes: OK (03/2012)
Knees: 0/0
Hips: A/A

Finnish Champion
Latvian Winner 2011
Baltic Junior Winner 2010
3 x BOB
2 x BOS

Lure Coursing:
19.5.2012 Derby Lieto: 3rd, points 473, CQ, Derby III

Helmi in KoiraNet

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Turku INT 21.1.2012 Judge: Michael Forte, Ireland
Elegant female. Nice head and proportions. Good parallel lines. Good lenght of neck. Moving freely front and rear. Lovely in profile. OPEN EXC 1 CQ BB-2 res-CAC res-CACIB

Tervakoski INT 27.8.2011 Judge: Harri Lehkonen, Finland
Balanced development of a young female. Beautiful head and expression. Good angulations. Beautiful topline. Good proportions. Right-set tail. Light movements. Shows herself briskly. INMED EXC 1 CQ BB-1 CAC CACIB BOS

Hamina INT 21.5.2011 Judge: Maija Mäkinen, Finland
Beautiful feminine young bitch with good proportion. Good head, eyes, ears and bite. Good neck. Could be slightly more angulated in front. Appropriate body for age. Good rear angulation. Good croup and tail. Good bones and feet. White tip in tail. Moves well side and back. Still a little loose in front. Pleasant behaviour. INMED EXC 1 CQ BB-2 CAC CACIB

Riga Latvian Winner 2011 INT 12.3.2011 Judge: Anne Indergaard, Norway
Elegant feminine bitch. Clean cut head, nice ears. Well angulated. Lovely topline standing but drops a bit on the move. Moves with reach and drive. Very well presented. Excellent temperament. INMED EXC 1 CQ BB-1 CAC CACIB LvW-11 BOB

Turku INT 22.1.2011 Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, Denmark
Feminine elegant with beautiful body for age. Long parallel head. Excellent underjaw. Well carried ears. Elegant neck. For the age strong topline. Goor croup and tail. Well angulated front and rear. Moves with drive, little loose in front. Good colour and coat. JUN EXC 1 CQ BB-1 CAC BOS

Heinola CAC show 22.8.2010 Judge: Arne Foss, Norway
Very promising junior. Super feminine. Nice silhouette. Very well structered head. Nice expression and ears. Good neck. Promising under/topline. Good bones and paws. Moves very positive. Excellent temperament. Well presented. JUN EXC 2 BB-4

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