The Kings and queens -litter

Born 9.8.2012, 3 boys and 5 girls

Onnentuojan Villihotti "Bruno"

Onnentuojan Vekseli "Elwis"

Onnentuojan Vieteri "Hugo"

Onnentuojan Valomerkki "Ella"

Onnentuojan Vipotiina "Yoda"

Onnentuojan Vintar "Bella"

Onnentuojan Vekkuliina "Olga"

Onnentuojan Valpuriina "Vappu"

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Dam: CIB Fi & By Ch BaltJW-10 LvW-11 Cags-Pa Grace Kelly "Sienna"

Eyes clear (03/2012)
Knees 0/0
Hips A/A
Elbows 0/0

Sienna is beautiful, elegant bitch with strong bone. Sienna has good feminine head with lovely expression. She moves with great reach and drive and carries herself well. She has excellent coat quality.

Sienna's own page

Sire: Se & No Ch Lhinacre Lateformydate "Kalle"

Eyes clear (12/2011)

Kalle is correct size male of lovely type. He is well balanced, square dog with a very good, masculine head. He has strong bone and is well angulated. His coat is of excellent quality. He's also an excellent mover.

Kalle's page in breeders web site

The inbreeding level of this combination is 0,39 % (5 generations)
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