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15.12.2013 Helsinki INT Finnish Winner 2013
Great end for the show year 2013: Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) got BB-4 in her very first official show and daddy-Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB & Finnish Winner 2013!



5.10.2013 Helsinki Team-Race
Sammy ran his first race in Helsinki. 280m time was 20,19s and he placed 6th.

Sammy white west. Photo Erkki Ruusunen.

8.9.2013 Vantaa NAT All Breeds Show
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS with her 4th CAC.

18.8.2013 Turku Puppy Show
Kingis (Onnentuojan Aurinkokuningas) was shown for the first time with great result: BOB & BIG-2 puppy!

3.8.2013 Raisio NAT All Breeds Show
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BB-2 with CAC and Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB & BIG-4!

27.7.2013 Pori INT
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 with res-CACIB and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS with CAC!

7.7.2013 Karjaa NAT All Breeds Show
Whippet Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) BM-4 with his first CAC!

29.6.2013 Hämeenlinna NAT All Breeds Show
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS with CAC!

8. - 9.6.2013 The Farkkuweekend and Whippet Speciality weekend

On Saturday we had the unofficial Open Show, the Farkkushow: Skonju (Ta'Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabatt) BOS-intermediate, Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS-junior and Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-5 and BIS progeny group. At the same time and place was also the Finnish Whippet Clubs official speciality show where Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) won the huge open class of 30 dogs and placed unofficially 6th best male out of totally entered 77 males, wuhuu!

On Sunday it was official Club speciality for Pharaoh Hounds, judged by breed specialist mr Jarmo Vuorinen. Zara won again the junior bitches with EXC and CQ, Enzo got also EXC with CQ and Best in Show progeny group! The mother of my A-litter, Goldie (Siphra's Sweet Amber) returned to show rings after the puppy break with style: Best bitch in speciality show! Congratulations to owner Raisa Samuelsson-Laakso! In whippet club's Open Show Sammy won his class again, was BOS-working and unofficial BM-5. Super weekend with great people and beautiful hounds. Can't wait till next year!

Skonju (photo Ari Koivisto)

Skonju BOS-intermediate, left BIS-intermediate Northgate's Northside Special (photo Mira Aaltonen)

Zara (photo Ari Koivisto)

Zara BOS-junior, left BIS-junior Alex Flaming Storm (photo Mira Aaltonen)

Enzo (photo Ari Koivisto)

Enzo(photo Mira Aaltonen)

Enzo BIS progeny (photo Ari Koivisto)

Goldie (photo Ari Koivisto)

Sammy (photo Maisa Kauniskangas)


Sammy's family portrait: fromn left Sammy, Sulo-brother, Linda-mom, Bondi-brother, Sara-grandma and Papu-uncle.

26.5.2013 Rauma NAT All Breeds Show
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-1 BOS.

12.5.2013 Lure Coursing trial in Lieto
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) won the LC trial in Lieto and got second LC CAC!

Photo: Force Photography

4.5.2013 Tampere INT
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BB-2 with res-CAC

Photo: Tanja Paananen

15.4.2013 New puppy pictures
Onnentuojan A-class

One male and one bitch puppy available

15.3.2013 Pharaoh Hound puppies!
We have puppies! Goldie gave birth to 3 handsome males and 4 beautiful girls. Mom Goldie and the puppies are doing great.

9.3.2013 Winter Lure Coursing
Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) entered his first LC trial with superb results: 501 poinst, 2nd place and LC CAC! Happy, happy! Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) ran almost as well as Sammy and placed 2nd with 488 points and CQ.

Super results for Enzo's offspring
Enzo's first offspring started their show career in juniors with amazing results:
Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula in Lithuania BOB-junior & Lithuanian Junior Winner 2013
Jataburu Sand Dog Capella in Estonia 2.3 BOB JCAC BIG-2, 3.3 BOB JCAC BIG-4
Jataburu Sand Dog Sirius in Russia 2.-3.3 3 x BOB & 3 x JCAC, 9.3 BOB JCAC Russian Junior Champion & BIG-1

19.1.2013 Turku INT
Ta'Skonju Gabillott tar-Rabat EXC 1 & res-CAC.

11.1.2013 Pharaoh Hound puppies expected
Today Goldie was mated with Enzo. We expect puppies to born mid-March.

12.12.2012 Health checks
Goldie and Enzo, the parents of our planned PH litter, had their eyes checked today, all clear. Also Sammy the whippet was checked, eyes clear, knees 0/0 and heart listening clear.

9.12.2012 Helsinki INT Finnish Winner 2012
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) did very well in the biggest one day show in the world: he was 3rd best male. This was a great end for our show year, now eagerly waitig for the new season to start!

21.10.2012 Turku INT
After a short puppy break we made our comeack to showrings in Turku, where Skonju (Ta' Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabat) made his debut in official classes. The result was great: BD-4 with res-CAC. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) did even better: BD-1, CACIB and Best Of Breed! In the finals Enzo was shortlisted among best 10.

One girl puppy available due to a cancellation
There's one beautiful bitch puppy looking for a loving home from Sienna's litter. More info under "Puppies"

9.8.2012 Tibetan Terrier puppies were born
Today Sienna gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies, 3 males and 5 females. Sienna & puppies are doing well.

25.7.2012 Track racing in Turku
Enzo competed in racing for the first time in Turku. He placed 2nd, time 39,81s in 480m race.

8.7.2012 Character test in Kaarina
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) was character tested today with nice results:

Functional capacity: +1 Moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour when threatened: +3 Moderate without any post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defense: +2 High, controlled
Desire to fight (play): +2 Moderate
Nerves: +1 Tendency to nervousness
Temperament (attentiveness): +1 Extremely high
Mental hardness: +1 Tendency to softness
Accessibility: +2b Accessible, tendency to reserved behaviour
Reaction to shots: +++ Secure to shots

Total points: +128

About judging and ranking

Helmi In Memoriam
4.7.2012 was the darkest day. Suddenly I had to say goodbye to my sweet and loving PHgirl Helmi. Run free, my pearl!

Babylonian Pearl El Negma 19.11.2009 - 4.7.2012

Tibetan Terrier litter in August
We visited lovely Kalle with Sienna, very exciting TT litter expected to born mid-August. More info under "Puppies"

9.6.2012 Salo All Breeds Show
Helmi won BOS and Enzo BOB. In the finals Enzo placed BIG-3, what a day!

2. - 3.6.2012 Farkkuweekend and Whippet Show & Speciality
Saturday in Whippet Club Show Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) won the junior males (12 entered) with HP and got BOS-junior. In Farkkushow, Skonju won BIS-Baby, Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) got Best Male & BOS and Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) BB-4. In the finals Enzo flowed to win second time the BIS-movements and together Enzo & Helmi won BIS-Brace second year in a row!

Sammy 1. HP, Twyborn Glory Hallelujah 2., Miyessa Bucket of Love 3.



Enzo & Helmi with lovely BIS-Brace prize-toy =)

On Sunday was Speciality shows for both breeds. Sammy showed well, but got VG. Skonju won BIS-puppy, Enzo placed 3rd best male and Helmi was unofficial 6th in females.

Helmi, Jataburu Sand Dog Zenobia and Northgate's I Me Mine

27.5.2012 Järvenpää All Breeds Show
Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) won BOB with CAC and finished her Finnish Champion tittle! In the finals she did great: 4th in group.

Helmi BIG-4, Photo: © ansu

19.-20.5.2012 Lieto: Derby and V-S kennel district's Lure Coursig Championship -trials
Enzo and Helmi participated their first LC trials this year. On Saturday Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) did two great runs in Derby, got 473 points with CQ and placed 3rd out of 7 PH's. On Sunday it was Enzo's (Northgate's Forever N Ever) turn. He did magnificent job, gained 494 points, won with 50 points difference and got LC CAC! Enzo also became V-S kennel district's Lure Coursing Champion second year in a row.


17.5.2012 Helsinki puppy show
Skonju started his show career with nice result: BOB-puppy!

13.5.2012 Enzo's first litter
Beautiful PH litter was born in kennel Jataburu, 4 males and 5 bitches.

13.5.2012 Tampere INT
Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) BB-3, res-CAC and res-Cacib, Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) EXC 3.

4.2.2012 Welcome to Finland Skonju!
We have a new puppy from Malta, a real Kelb tal-Fenek Ta' Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabat. Thank you Harry Vella for finding me this lovely puppy and family Gauci for trusting him to me!

Turku INT 21.1.2012
Helmi (Babylonian Pearl El Negma) started the show year with nice result: Best Bitch 2 with res-CAC and res-Cacib.

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