News and results 2018

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10.4.2018 TT puppies!
Bea had a date with Nemo, and we hope to have TT puppies mid-June! More info: here.

3.2.2018 Valga All Breeds Show
Onnentuojan Bidwi won BOB with CAC and got new title EE CH. Congratulations Vilma & fam. Palonen!

News and results 2017

Pharaoh Hound puppies
Pharaoh Hound puppies born September 9th, more info here

3.9.2017 LC competition in Vaasa
Onnentuojan Aaria won the LC competition in Vaasa with 446 points. Congratulations Aaria & Jari!

26.8.2017 Finnish Lure Coursing Championship 2017
Winner out of 8 bitches with 502 points and LC CAC Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula. 5th 446 points Onnentuojan Aaria.

12.8.2017 Turku All Breeds Show
Onnentuojan Aikakone BM-2 & CAC at Turku All Breeds Show under breed specialist Mr. Jarmo Vuorinen.

8.7.2017 Turku Rally obedience
We competed in rally-o with Enzo for the 3rd time. We got 93/100 point, and Enzo got also the judge's prize for being so willing to work and beautiful to watch <3

2.7.2017 Riihimäki INT
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BB-2, congratulations Aava & Jenni! 9 PHs were judger by Mrs Birgitta Svarstad.

1.7.2017 Tuusula All Breeds
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB and BOB-veteran, Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS, judge Mr. Harry Tast.

17. - 18.6.2017 Farkkuweekend
Pharaoh Hound Specialty weekend was held in Kuopio, Finland, over 35 PHs entered. The results for our team:

Farkkushow, judge Mari Pajaskoski

Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-3 BIS-working "happy dog in the ring" -prize

Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BB-3

Sylvi (Onnentuojan Baliena) Intermediate 3

Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) Working 2

Specialty Show, judge Olaf Knauber, Germany

Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-3 BOB-veteran BIS veteran

Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) CH EXC 3 CQ

Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) Open EXC 3 CQ

27.5.2017 Rauma KR
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 BOB-veteran and BIS 4 veteran.

BIS4-veteran, pic Minna Nummela

19.4.2017 Laitila NAT
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) won second doubleBOB in a row: BOB & BOB-veteran. Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) got BOS and Göran (Onnentuojan Aikakone) BM-2 with CAC. Judge was Mrs. Kirsti Louhi

SERT-voittaja Göran

8.4.2017 Vaasa INT
10 Pharaoh Hounds were entered under sighthound specialist Mrs. Säde Hohteri. Her choice for BOB was Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever), getting also BOB-veteran. Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) placed BB-3. Tibetan Terriers were judged bu Mr. Kimmo Mustonen. Bea (Cags-Pa Lily Of Yvonian) placed BB-4 from junior class.

Enzo BOB

21.2.2017 Turku INT
15 Pharaoh Hounds were judged by Mr.Anthony Moran (Ireland). Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) got BB-2 & CACIB and Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-4 & BOB-veteran. In the finals Enzo won resBIS-veteran.

Enzo Best In Show 2 -veteran

Top Winning Dogs 2016
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) #1 Pharaoh Hound Veteran, #3 Pharaoh Hound Male #18 Veteran All Breeds
19 shows in 2016, 18 x BOB-veteran, 4 x BIS-veteran, 2 x BIS3-veteran, 3 x BIG-4, 7 new titles

Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) #4 Pharaoh Hound Bitch

Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) #8 Pharaoh Hound Bitch #6 Coursing Pharaoh Hound

Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria #5 Coursing Pharaoh Hound #2 Newcomer

News and results 2016

10. - 11.12.2016 Helsinki Winner & Finnish Winner 2016
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB-veteran both days with titles Helsinki Veteran Winner 2016 & Finnish Veteran Winner 2016.

4.12.2016 Stockholm INT Swedish Winner 2016
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 with CAC > SE CH, BOB-veteran & Swedish Veteran Winner 2016. In the finals he places Best In Show 4 -veteran!

24.9.2016 Helsinki Lure Coursing
Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) ran good runs with 452 poits and gained her 2nd LC CAC!

3.9.2016 Riihimäki INT
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BOS with CACIB, Iita (Onnentuojan Bandiera) BB-4 res-CAC and Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 & BOB-veteran.

BOS Onnentuojan Aavatuuli, BOB Northgate's King Of The Ring, judge Laszlo Erdös

27.8.2016 Finnisf Coursing Championship
Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) won bronze medal, 4th place went to Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli). Both got also LC CAC.

27.8.2016 Euro Dog Show Brussels, Belgium
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB-veteran, European Veteranwinner 2016 and Benelux Veteranwinner 2016. Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) 4th in champions.

Enzo EUVW-16

26.8.2016 Euro Sighthound Show Brussels, Belgium
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB-veteran and FCI Euro Veteran Sighthound Winner 2016. Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) 2nd in champions with res-CAC.

14.8.2016 Raisio NAT
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOS, BOB-veteran and in the finals Best In Show veteran! Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BB-2, Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) BB-4 with res-CAC.

Enzo Best In Show veteran, judge Margaret Martin

23.7.2016 Helsinki NAT
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB, BOB-veteran and finally BIS3 -veteran. Zara(Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BB-2.

Enzo BIS3 -veteran

3.7.2016 Karjaa NAT
Zara(Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOB and BIG-4. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOS and BOB-veteran.

18. - 19.6.2016 Farkkuweekend
At unofficial Farkkushow Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM-2 and BIS-veteran.

At official specialty show Sammy (Onnentuojan Aurinkokuningas) BM-3 with res-CAC. Enzo won BIS-progeny group.

Enzo BIS-veteran, BOS veteran Siphra's Calluna Kissmia, judge Peter Rizman.

Enzo's BIS-progeny group, judge Annette Bystrup.

Sammy BM-3

5.6.2016 Lahti Group Show
Iita (Onnentuojan Bandiera) debutet in juniors with nice success: BB2 with CAC. Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won the breed and made the cut to top 5 in group. Well done Iita & Arja and Aava & Jenni!

Iita BB2 CAC

28.5.2016 Järvenpää All Breeds Show
Vilma (Onnentuojan Bidwi) entered her first official show with great results ,BB-2 with CAC, congratulations Vilma, Riitta & Jenni! Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) won BOS, Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) was BB-4. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) continued his winning stream: BOB, BOB-veteran & BIG-4!

Vilma BB2 CAC

22.5.2016 Hamina INT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BB-3 with CACIB > new International Champion! Congratulations Aava & Jenni!

Aava new C.I.B.

21.5.2016 Koski Group Show
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BOB & BOB-veteran, Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) BOS and Sylvi (Onnentuojan Baliena) first in juniors. Enzo's great success in the finalg continued: BIG-4 and back to back Best Veteran In Show!

Enzo BOB, Zara BOS, judge Pirjo Aaltonen

Sylvi JUN EXC 1

Enzo BIS-veteran, judge Tuula Savolainen

15.5.2016 Lieto Lure Coursing
Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) ran her first LC competition with great points and won the breed, congratulations Aaria & Satu & Jari!

15.5.2016 Rauma All Breeds Show
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) BM2, BOB- ja Best Veteran In Show!

Enzo BIS-veteran; judge Thora Brown, Canada; photo Harri Natunen

1.5.2016 Tampere INT Show
Enzo's (Northgate's Forever N Ever) first show from veteran class: BOB, BOB-veteran & BIS 3 -veteran! Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula)won BOS.

19.3.2016 Jämijärvi Group Show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won Best Of Breed under Mrs Riitta Lahtovaara (FI). Congratulations Jenni & Aava!

BOB Onnentuojan Aavatuuli

5. - 6.3.2016 Lithuanian Winner & Vilnius Cup INT shows
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) had a great weekend in Lithuania. She won BOB both days with CACs and CACIBs and made the cut in the group both days. She finished 4 new titles in one weekend: International, Baltic and Lithuanian Champion & Lithuanian Winner 2016!

New CIB BALT LT CH LTW-16 Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula

13.2.2016 Lahti Puppy Show
Lahti was first show for our B-puppies. Pharaohs were judged by Mr Esa Ruotsalainen. His choice for Best Puppy was Vilma (Onnentuojan Bidwi). Vilma was followed by Sylvi (O. Baliena) in second place with HP, Iita (O. Bandiera) was 3rd and Minni (O. Bewsa) 4th. Onnentuojan was BOB-breeder. All the puppies were happy in the ring and got lovely critiques, great start for their show careers. In the finals Vilma rocked the ring and placed 2nd in group, congratulations Vilma, Riitta & Jenni!

Onnentuojan BOB-breeder

Onnentuojan Bidwi BIG-2

9.1.2016 Tartto All Breeds Show, Estonia
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) won BOB with CAC and finished her Estonian Champion title.. Whippet Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) got BOS with CAC.

BOB CAC EE CH Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula

BOS CAC Miyessa Born To Be Wild, BOB CAC Ikimba Arctic Bora

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