News and results 2015

25.10.2015 Aaria's character test
Onnentuojan Aaria was character tested today with nice results, thank you Satu & Jari for taking her to this test!

Functional capacity: +1a Moderate
Tendency to aggressive behaviour when threatened: +1b Low without any post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defense: +3 Moderate, controlled
Desire to fight (play): +2 Moderate
Nerves: +1 Tendency to nervousness
Temperament (attentiveness): +1 Extremely high
Mental hardness: +1 Tendency to softness
Accessibility: +3 Kind, accessible, open
Reaction to gun shots: +++ Secure to shots
Total points: +142

18.10.2015 Enzo top winning LC veteran 2015
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) best Lure Coursing PH veteran second year in a row!

4.10.2015 Hämeenlinna Group Show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won best bitch & BOS at Hämeenlinna Show under Helinä Simberg, Estonia.

29.8.2015 Hyvinkää track racing
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won the 350m race with new track record!

16.8.2015 Luhtisaalistus Lure Coursing
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) ran her first LC competition with great results: 1st place with 452 points and LC CAC!

9.8.2015 We have puppies!
Zara gave birth to 5 beautiful girl. Mom and puppies are doing great. More info of the litter here

13. - 14.6.2015 Salo All Breeds Show
Salo was Zara's (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) last show before her puppy bread and she surely goes to break with style: first she won BOB and then in the finals Best In Group! Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) follewed her being BOS. In TT ring Bruno (Onnentuojan Villihotti) placed BM-3 with res-CAC, congratulations Bruno & Julia!

Zara BOB & Enzo BOS

Bruno winning res-CAC

7.6.2015 Helsinki European Coursing Championship 2015
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) ran super runs and got silver medal with 484 points in though competition of 12 males!

23. - 24.5.2015 Moletai INT show, Lithuania
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won BOS and CACIB both days at Moletai double INT shows. She got also CAC and became Lithuanian Champion. Well done Aava & Jenni!

16.5.2015 Mustiala Suomi Cup -coursing competition
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) won the Suomi Cup competition with 464 points and LC CAC and gained her first LC title CVM-15. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) was 2nd with 431 points.

10.5.2015 Lahti Group show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won Best Bitch and BOS at Lahti show under Mrs Maija Sylgren.

2.5.2015 Mustiala Lure Coursing
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) placed 3/8 with 467 points and got LC CAC. Zara also got a place in the Finnish ECC-15 team!

1.5.2015 Lahti Group Show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won Best Bitch with CAC and became Finnish Champion! Congratulations Aava & Jenni!

21.3.2015 Lahti INT show
Pharaoh hounds were judged by Ms Pirjo Aaltonen. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) won Best Male with CACIB and was BOS. Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) was placed BB-3 with res-CAC and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) was BB-4.

Enzo BOS, Northgate's Northside Special BOB

7.3.2015 Crufts
First time in Crufts, great day and nice results: Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) 2nd in Open and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) Reserve in Open.



5.2.2015 Health results
Bruno (Onnentuojan Villihotti) had his eyes checked clear, patellas 0/0, hips A/A and elbows 0/0.

24.1.2015 Turku INT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) placed BB-3 with CAC and res-CACIB (will be confirmed as CACIB).

News and results 2014

28.9.2014 Helsinki Lure Coursing
Zara placed 2nd out of 6 pharaohs with 466 points, followed by Enzo on 3rd place with 433 points. Enzo also won the Helsinki Sighthound Club's Veteran Champion 2014 -title!

17.8.2014 Raisio NAT show
Pharaoh Hounds were judged by sighthound specialist Margaret Martin, Ireland. Skonju (Ta'Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabat) got BM-2 CAC > Finnish Champion! Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) was BB-2 and in her first official show Aaria (Onnentuojan Aaria) BB-4 CAC. In the TT ring Bruno(Onnentuojan Villihotti) BM-4 and CAC. Congratulations Aaria & Satu & Jari and Bruno & Julia!

9.8.2014 Helsinki World Dog Show 2014
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) both got excellent in tough champion class competition. Together they won BOB-brace!

Photo: HOTdog Magazine

19.7.2014 Mäntsälä NAT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) won BOB and ibn the finals she got BIG-4, well done Aava & Jenni!

12 - 13.7.2014 Ogre NAT show, Latvia
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) got on Saturday BOB-junior & JCAC > LV & BALT JCH. On Sunday Aava took BOB and BIG-4, congratulations Aava & Jenni!

13.7.2014 Tampere LC trial
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) won again with 450 points & LC CAC and finished his LC champion title!

Enzo new LC CH. Pictured by Erkki Ruusunen.

28.6.2014 Forssa NAT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BOB with CAC!

14.6.2014 Mustiala LC trial
Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) ran to victory with 484 points & LC CAC.

7 - 8.6.2014 Mustiala Farkkuweekend
On Saturday in unofficial "Farkkushow" 3 Onnentuojan- kids were entered: Sampo (O. Aurinkokuningas) JUN 3, Aava (O. Aavatuuli) JUN 3 and Aaria (O. Aaria) JUN no placment. Enzo (Northgate's Forever N Ever) 2nd in working and Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) no placement in champions.

On Sunday at the official Finnish PH Club Specialty show Sampo got EXC, Enzo among top 6 in champions with EXC CQ. Our girls got placements in a tough competiton of 26 bitches: Zara 2nd best bitch and Aava 4th best bitch with CAC. Congratulations Jenni & Aava!

Onnentuojan Aavatuuli BB-4 CAC

Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula BB-2

Onnentuojan Aaria

Onnentuojan Aurinkokuningas

31.5 - 1.6.2014 Minsk, Belarus INT shows
First show day in Minsk was great for us: Sienna (Cags-Pa Grace Kelly), Kalle (Cags-Pa Highway Star), Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) and Sammy (Miyessa Born To Be Wild) got CAC and CACIB, the girls finished their BY CH -title and boys took BOB. In the finals Sammy made all the way to the top: BIG-1!

Second day was as goos as the first for our tibbies: Sienna finished her Internatianal Champion and Kalle is now FI & BY CH. In the finals Kalle won BIG-4!

CACIB-winners Sammy, Kalle, Sienna and Zara

Sammy BIG-1

Kalle BIG-4

18.5.2014 Rauma NAT show
Zara (Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) finished her champion title with style in the very first show after her 2nd birthday: BB-1 CAC > FI CH BOB. Skonju (Ta'Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabat) followed her to BOS-podium with his 2nd CAC.

4.5.2014 Lieto Lure Coursing trial
Enzo won the LC trial with 475 points and got LC CAC! Zara ran a nice first run with 226 points. First run on video here: (Zara RED, Enzo BLUE): KLIK

26.4.2014 Vaasa INT Show
Great day in Vaasa. First our TT girl Sienna (Cags-Pa Grace Kelly) got BB-2 with CAC and CACIB and finished her Champion title! In pharaohs Zara took her first Best of Breed win with CAC and CACIB! In the finals Zara made the cut among the top 8. Kira (Onnentuojan Aamun Taika) made a nice debut in the rings and got VG1.




2.3.2014 Tallinn NAT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BB-1 JCAC JBOB & BOB!

8.2.2014 Tallinn INT show
Aava (Onnentuojan Aavatuuli) BB-2 JCAC JBOB & BIS-4 junior, congratulations Jenni & Aava!

18.1.2014 Turku INT show
Pharaoh Hounds were judged by breed specialist Annette Bystrup, Denmark. Three Onnentuojan juniors were entered: Göran (O. Aikakone), Arman (O. Armaani) and Aava (O. Aavatuuli). All got excellent, Aava also won the junior class with res-CAC. My maltese import Skonju (Ta'Skonju Gabillott Tar-Rabat) won the open class with CAC and Zara ( Jataburu Sand Dog Shaula) 3rd best bitch with CAC!

Onnentuojan Aavatuuli EXC 1 CQ res-CAC

CAC-winners Skonju & Zara

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